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Real Time Verification Training with Storyful in Your City

Are you interested in learning how to implement the Verification Handbook in breaking news scenarios?

We are collecting requests to organise on-site training sessions with a Storyful verification expert in your city. When we receive enough requests, we will organise a low-fee, half-day training to meet your needs.

The following themes will be examined throughout the training courses depending on location and needs:

  • Debunking storm-related UGC
  • Sorting authentic contents from the fakes in unreachable locations such as Syria
  • Social Search and Discovery for User Generated Content
  • Online Content Verification
  • Building a Social Strategy

The trainers can provide on-site training in English, Chinese, Arabic or German (materials in English).

Interested? Register your interest by filling in the form by clicking this link.

Follow Poynter’s Online Verification Course

The Poynter Institute’s News University provides a three-hour online course entitled “Getting It Right: Accuracy and Verification in the Digital Age”. Craig Silverman, the editor of Verification Handbook, examines how and why errors occur in journalism, and looks at the best ways to find facts to support your story. You can enroll in this course via the following URL:


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